NCDRC - Non Communicable Diseases Research Center

Terms and Conditions

 Release of data  is subjected to the following conditions:

I. The data provided by Noncommunicable Diseases Research Center (NCDRC) at Fasa University of Medical Sciences (FUMS) pursuant to the approved requests is confidential information.

II. The data shall only by released to the persons listed in the enquiry form under section X (Persons who would have access to Data).

III. The data shall not be disclosed to any third party without the prior written approval of the NCDRC director.

IV. The requestor shall take all necessary steps to ensure that he/she and the persons listed in section X (Persons who would have access to Data) in data request form shall:

a. Take steps to safeguard the confidentiality, safety and integrity of the Data,

b. Only use the Data for the purpose and duration indicated in the form and approved by the NCDRC steering committee,

c. Destroy the Data after it has been used.

V. The requestor shall keep the NCDRC fully indemnified against all demands, claims, actions and proceedings, losses, damages, and all legal costs and other expenses arising out of any breach of alleged breach of any of the requestor's warranties, undertakings or obligations stated here in.


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